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At Leash Free Living, we believe the best pets are ones we can communicate with on and off the leash, at home and when out in public. Our relationship based training methods allow our dogs to work with us, instead of for us. Our goal is not to put behaviors on cue, but to create a shared vocabulary between dog and owner so dialogue can flow in both directions!

For an overview of all of our services and pricing, check out our Quick Start Guide.

Beginner Group Classes

Companion Dog Program
Best suited for dogs and puppies older than 5 months of age, designed to teach you to train your dog.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons
Lessons are a great option for dogs with behavior problems or those who want the convenience of at-home training services.

Daycare Training

Day Training
Small, intimate, training based Day Care in Annapolis available from 7 am to 7 pm with options for individualized add-on sessions

Puppy Package

Dog School Program

Board and Train

Electives & Advanced

Foundation Work + Off-lead Control =
the dog you've always wanted!

Foundation work includes teaching your dog to relax by your side in all situations, to pay attention at all times, to heel (walk without pulling), to sitstanddown, and to hold a stay in all three positions, to come when called, and to place (go-to-your-spot).

Take these basic obedience commands and teach your dog to respond reliably without the leash, and we have off-lead control. Then you are on your way to Leash Free Living.

We can use these tools to redirect and replace bad behavior like jumping, pulling on the leash, aggression towards dogs and people, etc and to raise confidence and provide constructive socialization opportunities for dogs.