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Gym Class

Join us weekly for a guided obedience practice with your peers. We will give you exercises to complete, with variations to adjust for your dogs skill level. Great opportunity to give your dog a mental workout, maintain your skills, and motivate you to keep practicing and socialize with like-minded dog owners.

*Starting June 3rd, Gym Class will be available in person and virtually. Class will be held outdoors, and registration is required so we can ensure social distancing requirements are met.*

Every Wednesday at 7:00 pm
Register through the client portal, or join Zoom meeting HERE.

900 Level Classes

These elective classes cover various topics, with behaviors from Agility, Nosework, Rally, Trick Dog, etc. These classes are for owners who are looking for more than basic obedience and want some mental stimulation, confidence building and bonding opportunities with their dog. Elective classes are held on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm. Topics rotate.

LFL 911
Jump & Around $100 

Introduce your dog to the concept of jumping, and get them to send to a jump, jump over various objects, follow directions while jumping and use jumping in handler related tricks. Teach your dog to circle objects, generalize the behavior to various objects, add distance and combine with jumping skills.

Next Session: TBD

LFL 912
Back & Place $100 

Teach your dog to back up away from you while they are in front of you and in heel position, and build duration and distance to that behavior. Introduce your dogs to the concept of targeting front and rear legs, and teach them to discriminate between up, walk it and place.

Next Session: TBD

LFL 913
Under & Through $100 

Teach your dog to crawl under objects, and through tunnels and use those for handler focused tricks. Introduce your dog to weaving, going through two objects and other handler focused tricks.

Next Session: TBD

LFL 921
Rally Novice $100 

Introduce your dog to the sport of Rally. We will go over all of the novice signs, the ins and outs of rally, and play games to test your handling skills. Introduce your dog to some advanced rally concepts.

Next Session: TBD Virtual Rally Options are available NOW

LFL 922
Rally Advanced $100 

Practice all of the Rally Intermediate and Advanced signs and skills, polish handling skills, practice running through rally courses, etc.

Next Session: Thursday, August 6th, 7:30 – 8:30 pm

LFL 923
Rally Excellent $100 

Practice all of the Rally Excellent signs and skills, polish handling skills, practice running through rally courses, etc.

Next Session: TBD

LFL 924
Rally Master $100 

Practice all of the Rally Master signs and skills, polish handling skills, practice running through rally courses, etc.

Next Session: TBD

LFL 931
Intro to E-Collar $100 

Introduce your dog to the electronic collar. Teach them to come when called, go to place, heel and stop unnecessary behaviors. Dogs should be graduates of our basic obedience program, or get permission to enroll in this class. E-collars are not included in this course. E-mail us for brand recommendations prior to the start of class.

Next Session: TBD

LFL 951
Intro to Nosework $150

Introduce your dog to the sport of Nosework. Nosework is designed to take the skills used in working detection dogs and turn it into a fun sport for people to do with their pets. In this six week class, learn how to introduce your dog to the search, build confidence and teamwork.

Next Session: TBD

LFL 952
Continuing Nosework $150

Take the skills from the Intro to Nosework workshop and increasing difficulty. Dog’s will be introduced to Nosework odors increase difficulty of the hide. Dogs must be graduates of the Nosework class, or take the Introduction to Nosework workshop before signing up for this session.

Next Session: TBD

LFL 962
Virtual Intermediate Tricks Class – $40

Learn, practice and perfect tricks from the Intermediate Trick Dog list. Dog will be able to earn the Intermediate Trick Dog title at the end of this course. This is a great way to build your relationship with your dog, keep them mentally engaged, and improve their mental stamina and focus.

Next Session: Tuesday, August 4th 7:00 pm – 7:50 pm

Skill Building Workshops

Spend dedicated time working a new task, skill, or problem area.

LFL 914
Parkour Spotting & Novice Handling $45

Learn how to safely spot your dog during novice level parkour exercises. This workshop will be held in two parts. The first session will happen at Leash Free Living to cover spotting and appropriate handling. The second session will happen off-site to practice and take parkour videos to earn the Novice title.

Next Workshop: TBD

Part 1:  Part 2:

LFL 941
Retrieve $20

This workshop is held monthly to teach your dog to a working retrieve. Teach your dog to fetch your keys, bring you the tv remote, put their toys away in a toy basket, dunk a basketball etc. Retrieve is a technical and advanced skill, so regular attendance is encourage to see progress. A dumbbell required for class. Dumbbell is not included in the cost of the workshop but is available for purchase.

Upcoming Retrieve Workshops are listed below.

  • Monday, August 17, 2020 6:30 – 7:20 pm

LFL 961
Trick Training Workshop $20

Let’s get creative with your dogs, and knock some tricks off of their wish list. Work on new tricks, perfect less than perfect tricks, and prepare for the Trick Dog Trials at the end of the month. We will be there to offer new trick suggestions, get you started teaching them, coach you along the way and anything else you might need. We will loosely follow the AKC Trick Dog List, but are not limited to those tricks. If you have something specific in mind that you’d like your dog to learn, let us know!

Upcoming Trick Training Workshops:

  • TBD

LFL 962
The Social Dog $20

Join us at LFL to practice polite greeting with some of your peers. If your dog is too excited when meeting new dogs or people, nervous around new people or dogs? This workshop is for you! We will go through exercise meant to teach emotional self control, so you can feel confident when you approach distractions our in public, or even at your front door.

Upcoming The Social Dog Workshops:

  • Monday, June 8th – 7:00 pm – 7:50 pm

Sunday Fun-day

When we have some spare time on the weekend, we plan a variety of free events for Leash Free Living students. These include some of the following activities.

Power Training Sessions, where we meet at different parks throughout the county for a drop in practice session. The sessions last for 30-45 minutes, and are geared towards graduates of our six week programs but open to all LFL students.

Group Hikes, where we meet at a local trail and practice loose leash walking and trail manners as a pack.

Movie Nights, where we combine Gym Class with long downs, and long places and enjoy a dog movie with other LFL students.

Make sure to follow us on Facebook for upcoming events. Details are usually e-mailed to students as well, as they become available.

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