About the Trainers

About Samantha Daley


I have been training dogs in a professional setting for 8 years. In 2011, I graduated from UMBC with a Bachelor’s in Biology and from a local Dog Trainer University program. I became an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator shortly thereafter.

Over the last 8 years I have worked with a variety of different breeds. My main focus has been on making each dog a safe, enjoyable and trustworthy companion.  Since Obedience is a venue that reinforces these goals for me, my students and their dogs, I use its titles as a standard for training.

I have trained and shown the following dogs to these AKC Obedience (and Rally) titles.

  • Maltese – CD, CDX, UD, UDX, OTCH (8 High in Trials, and 12 High Combined Scores)
    • #1 Toy Dog and High Scoring Maltese at AKC’s 2011 National Obedience Invitational
    • #2 Toy Dog at AKC’s 2014 National Obedience Championship
  • Labrador Retriever – CD, CDX (video)
  • Golden Retriever – CD
  • Labrador Retriever – CD (video)
  • German Shepherd Dog – CD, CDX (video)
  • Golden Retriever – CD, CDX, RN, RA, RE (video)
  • Doberman Pinscher – RN, RA, RE, CD, CDX (video)

Obedience training has proved to be a great foundation for other venues. I debuted in AKC Agility with Rugby, my Maltese, in October 2012. He earned his Novice Agility, Novice Agility Jumper, Open Agility and Open Agility Jumpers titles.

I have learned from each of those dogs and have been able to share what I have learned in group classes and private lessons. In November 2012, Leash Free Living Inc, officially opened for business where I continue to offer dog training services to the local dog community. Check the blog for more recent updates and see you in class!


About Jayna Fenton


Jayna has always loved working with dogs, and has seven years of experience working with them in a professional setting. Her interest in training started when she adopted Star, an abandoned Pit Bull. Star was being sent to Animal Control after several local rescues refused to take her because of her behavior problems. Jayna was referred to a dog trainer and after seeing the progress that was possible with training, she was hooked! Star has drastically improved and Jayna has been inspired to help other dogs work through their issues and learn new skills. She joined Leash Free Living in Summer of 2014 where she has been able to do just that! We are happy to have her. Jayna is a great addition to the team! Jayna is a certified PetTech CPR & First Aid Instructor.


About Michelle Ahmadsha

IMG_3112Michelle is a new addition to the Leash Free Living team, as an administrator. She keeps things running smoothly around here. There is a good chance you will hear from her via e-mail or phone when scheduling or inquiring about our training services. She has a 4 year old Chihuahua, Nova.


Feeling overwhelmed with options? Contact us to set up a free evaluation of your dog at our training location. We'll help you pick the right training program.


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