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Tag- Along

This is a 24 hour a day, immersive training program. In this program, your dog will spend the majority of their day with a Leash Free Living instructor. They will be part of our own personal pack, sleep in the house with our dogs, go on training field trips with our dogs and accompany us to lessons and classes during the day.

What does this mean for your dog or puppy?

  • Socialization Opportunities – We spend a good portion of our day driving to different locations to train dogs and their people. Your dog will be along for the ride and will be exposed to a variety of distractions, environments and people.
  • House Training – Your dog is in a home environment, so we can work on things like not chewing on shoes, staying out of the trash, learning to settle at night, etc.
  • Crate Training – We are there with your dog throughout the day to discourage nuisance barking in the crate and teach them to spend time in the crate quietly.
  • Potty Training – Puppies will not only learn to go outside, but will start learning how to ask to go outside, how to hold it during the day, and to not potty inside.
  • Late Night Potty Breaks – You don’t have to sacrifice your puppy’s potty training progress for a good night’s sleep. We will take the puppy out as many times as they need, even during the night.
  • Training Opportunities – Your dog will be introduced to basic obedience commands, training games and some tricks during their stay so they learn “how to learn,” making continued training at home a breeze. 

Videos, photos and updates are sent regularly to owners. To compete the full Basic Obedience Program, we recommend dogs stay for 3 weeks. For dogs in other Leash Free Living programs, this is a great option to maintain and freshen’ up training when you go out of town!

Tag-Along Pricing


Due to the nature of this training program we can only accept one to two dogs/puppies into the program at a time. Contact us to see if your dog meets the qualifications for this program and when the next available start date is.

In Kennel Training

In Kennel training is offered as a service to any dog/puppy enrolled in Day Care or Boarding at Cozy Canine Camp. Program duration can be as short as one day of training, or up to several weeks in length depending on your training goals. Training sessions last 45 minutes and are $45/session.

Day Care and Boarding costs are additional, paid to Cozy Canine Camp.

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