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Day Care + Training - All in One

Leash Free Living has a small, intimate, training based Day Care in Annapolis. Dogs play in a supervised group from 7:00 am – 7:00 pm. Training and manners are reinforced throughout the day while we encourage appropriate levels of play, practice fitness exercises, and engage them in group training activities. Loose leash manners and heeling are practiced throughout the day when dogs are walked to our potty area.

Individual training sessions can be added on for your dog while they are at day care, if you would like to work on specific homework, learning new skills, or problem areas.


Reservations are required. You can request a reservation using the link above. If you need some help figuring out the reservation software, we have a step by step list of instructions HERE.

Let your dog spend the day with us playing and learning an indoor group environment with other like minded dogs.

Day Care Activities Include:

  • Leash Walked Potty Breaks
    Dog will be leash walked several times throughout the day for potty breaks.
  • Group Training Sessions
    Dogs will work in and around the other day care dogs, and will train as a group. Group stays, place, tricks, recalls, etc.
  • Structured Exercise on Equipment
    Dogs may take a stroll on the treadmill, balance on balance discs, etc.
  • Play Time
    Group play sessions with other day care dogs, indoors.

  • Individual Training Sessions (Add-on)
    While all the dogs get some level of one-on-one attention throughout the day, you can request an additional individual training sessions to be added on to your dog’s Day Training day for $20 to work on specific skills.
  • Field Trips (Add-on)
    We can take your dog’s individual training session on the road! If your dog needs work around certain distractions, or needs a change of scenery, sign them up for a field trip! Cost is $30. Spots are limited.

Video Gallery – Day Training

Video Gallery – Day Training Individualized Sessions

Drop Off : 7:00 – 10:00 am     Pick Up: 4:00 – 7:00 pm


$45/Single Day, $40/10 Day Package, $35/20 Day Package

In Kennel Training

In Kennel training is offered as a service to any dog/puppy enrolled in Day Care or Boarding at Cozy Canine Camp. Program duration can be as short as one day of training, or up to several weeks in length depending on your training goals. Training sessions are $20/30 minutes and $40/60 minutes

Day Care and Boarding costs are additional, paid to Cozy Canine Camp.

Enroll Online:

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