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Quick Start Guide

Leash Free Living has a variety of training formats to help match owners with a training plan that fits their lifestyle and training goals. Our services can be divided into two main types: we train you to train the dog, and we train the dog. A brief overview of these services are listed below with their current prices for your convenience. There are opportunities to mix and match as well, so if you have any questions about these options, contact us so we can create a program that works for you. Click on any heading to see more information about that particular program.

We train YOU to train the dog...

You will be living with your dog for many years to come, so it makes sense for you both to learn together! With these options, we are teaching you how to train your dog, so most of the work will actually happen in between lessons or classes when you practice at home with your dog. Programs in this category will be listed below in BLUE.

We train the DOG for you...

You do still have to learn dog training with this option too, but these services let us do the heavy lifting for you. We will do the repetitions and practice necessary to teach your dog the new skills, then we can schedule human training to make sure you are both on the same page. Programs in this category will be listed below in PINK.

Private Lessons

In your home…
(within 30 minutes of our facility)
$120-$175 per lesson

At our studio…
(Millersville or Annapolis)
$100-$150 per lesson

Group Classes

Beginner Group Class
(6 weeks in person, Online Training Platform, 2 training leashes)

(6 weeks in person, Online Training Platform, AKC Canine Good Citizen Test)

Puppy Training

Private Lessons
(3 x one hour, in-home lessons)

Puppy Social Class 
Weekly Socialization Class
Coming Soon!

Extra Support

1 hour class on specific topics (Play & Train, Social Dog, Nail Care, Leash Manners, etc)

Free Events
Current clients may join us for hikes, yappy hours, kayaking, etc to help you take you training into the real world.

Dog School

Millersville Location 
Full day of intense training & day care
$90-100  per day


Board & Train
Intense Training while boarding in a trainer’s home. 100& Consistency
$195 – $245 per day

Day Care

Annapolis & Millersville
Highly structured day care enrichment program. Good for all dogs – even those that don’t thrive in typical day care environment.
$40-50 per day

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