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Raechel has been working with dogs professionally since 2009. She started as a kennel tech at a local boarding kennel, and quickly figured out that she wanted to make working dogs her career. Over the years, she has worked with trainers, rescues, kennels, veterinarians and groomers. Raechel completed a paralegal degree in 2013.

Raechel started with Leash Free Living in 2018 to pursue a dog program with more structure. She has completed the Leash Free Living Trainer Certification program and is working towards the Leash Free Living Instructor program.

  • Bruce (APBT): Novice Trick Dog Title

Raechel has shared her life with Pebbles, a Yorkshire Terrier, and Sprinkles, a deaf Dalmatian. Raechel currently owns Bruce Wayne, an American Pit Bull Terrier. Raechel loves using training to help keep dogs healthy, happy and mannerly companions. When she isn’t training dogs, you can find Raechel downtown, playing video games, or watching horror movies.