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Willow – Student of the Week

Our Annapolis Student of the Week is Willow the black lab mix!
Willow came to Leash Free Living for help with her socialization with other dogs. Willow is a very sweet girl with her teacher’s and loves to play, however she can make poor choices when overstimulated during play. One option to work on this problem safely is to muzzle her for playtime. Muzzle training is a useful skill for any dog, as you never know when your dog might need to tolerate muzzling for safety! When using muzzles for training or playtime, we make sure they are the sturdy “basket” style muzzle that allows the dog to open their mouth, pant, bark, drink and take treats but prevents the ability to bite or nip.
Over the past few weeks Willow has been muzzle trained, gotten comfortable wearing the muzzle for training, and recently begun to be reintegrated into duo and small group play times. Willow is relearning how to play without the use of her teeth and she’s doing a fantastic job getting the hang of things! She’s a super smart girl and we are so thrilled with the progress she’s made!