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Last Week at LFL

The week of November 12th was packed full of cuteness. We didn't include class graduation photos, or snow photos here so if you want to see them, make sure you check our Facebook page as well.  

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Structured Play

We are so luck that every day, we are able to fill our training studio full of dogs for our Day Training Program. The dogs are of various ages, size, temperaments and training levels. Once everyone is in, we give…

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Sadie the Companion Dog

This weekend Sadie showed four times at Oriole Dog Training Club's Rally and Obedience Trials. She showed once in Rally, making her debut at the next level up (Advanced B), and three times in Novice B Obedience. Her first time…

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A Decade of Awesome

Yesterday, we had a party for Rugby's 10th Birthday. Rugby was so lucky that so many of his friends showed up to celebrate with him. The dogs got to dig in Rugby's sand pit, eat dog cake, play musical chairs,…

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