Rally Novice Debut

Bourbon made it into the ring for the first time this weekend in York, PA. I entered her since I was going to be there anyway with Rugby. Then well after the closing date for the trials had past, I found Rugby’s entries still in the envelope at home. Opps! That meant there was plenty of time on Friday and Saturday to focus completely on Bourbon.

I knew that the trial site would be a little distracting for her so we got there early to let her settle in. On her first day in the ring, she earned a  perfect score of 100! That was only good enough for 2nd place though, since the other dog with a perfect score was a couple of seconds faster than her. The next day we both made mistakes and earned an 87.

Videos of each of her runs are below.

Sunday was Rugby’s turn to show and he was sooo happy he had me all to himself. He messed up his Utility run when he second guessed his decision on the leather scent article. Then he redeemed himself in Open B and earned a 196.5 for second place.

bourbonrally IMG_4018

Rainy Day Field Trip


Rugby and Parker were a little restless this weekend because of the rain. The two little ones can sneak into places that normal sized dogs aren’t usually welcome so we took advantage of that and went shopping.

Furniture Shopping  Fitness Maltese

Day 23. Bourbon in Boots

Pet Store

Bourbon cut her foot on something while she was running around with our latest house guest. It doesn’t seem to bother her, but she is leaving a bloody trail all over the house. To keep her from being completely confined to a crate, and to keep me from spending all day cleaning up after her, Rugby and I went on a trip to the pet store in search of boots.

We found them in Bourbon’s size and took them home for her to try on. Even though she only needs one boot, making her wear all four seemed like more fun. Here is a video of her first steps with her new shoes!

Day 15. The Bodyguards

Agility Trial Buddies

No more agility legs for Rugby or Parker today, but they did have fun hanging out with these two girls. The boys were able to cheer on their friend Piper (on the right) when she finished her MACH2 this weekend! Congrats, Piper!

Agility Trial Buddies

Day 14. Open Agility Dogs

Open Agility Dogs


Rugby and Parker are at an agility trial this weekend, working on their open agility titles. Both boys earned the first leg towards their Open Agility Jumper title, and Rugby also earned the first leg towards his Open Agility title. It snowed all day today, so fingers crossed we can get back to the trial site tomorrow morning for round two!

Day 9. Charm and Rugby

Charm and Rugby

So today’s photo is sort of a stretch. Rugby is holding money because there wasn’t anything else green around. He can pull it off, especially next to the adorable CKCS puppy, Charm.

Rugby showed Charm how to be brave around umbrella’s today. She didn’t need much convincing though and after her initial investigation was more than willing to hop on and pose with him. Good girl, Charm!