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Zach the Companion Dog

Leash Free Living has a new Companion Dog to brag about!

Zach's Win Photo

Zach, the Golden Retriever, made his debut in the AKC Novice ring last month in Macungie, PA. In order to earn a Companion Dog title, the dog must show in Novice Obedience and qualify three times, under two different judges. This particular show offered four days of Obedience, and Zach showed and qualified in all of them.

Zach's Companion Dog Title

A qualifying score is one where the dog and handler have earned at least 170 out of a possible 200 points, and have earned at least half of the points in each exercise. The tested exercises include Heeling, Figure 8, Stand for Exam, Heel Free (off-lead), Recall, Sit/Stay and Down/Stay. The video below shows Zach earning his third leg.

I am very proud of Zach! He did a great job, and was able to do his job despite distractions. Now that he has earned his title, the abbreviation “CD” will be permanently added to the end of his name. At least until he earns a higher title to replace it.
Big thanks to Zach’s owners for preparing the video, too! 
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