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Yup, Thats US!

I had this great idea to take Rugby to the pet store this morning since I feared we would be stuck in the house for a few more days after this second snow storm came tonight. Well….everyone had that same idea. It took us a realllllly long time just to get half-way to we decided to turn around. At least he got to go for a car ride, I guess.

We have been bored ever since and now it is snowing again. :/ We had a little photoshoot (My sister, Rugby and I), just using the camera from my computer and these are the best ones. Rugby wasn’t aware we were having a photo shoot in most of those pictures. We didn’t tell him till about half-way through.

Oh how I wish we were less bored. Maybe I will go get our jumps and see if they will fit in our basement. Hmmm….

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