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York Show Weekend

So, I still have to get videos and pictures up, but Rugby is now
Mister Rugby Sevens CDX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We screwed rally up because I missed a sign on Thursday, then went on the wrong side of a sign on Friday. Friday was a BIG dissapointment, because he was soo good and it would have been a 100 if I didn’t mess us up! We did get a 99 on Saturday though for second place, since we were slower than the first place dogs. 2 legs is better than none I guess. Definetely worse than 3 though!

Thursday Rugby got a first place in his Open A class of 24 dogs with a 194.5.

Friday Rugby got a second place in Open A with 20 dogs with a 194.

Saturday Rugby got a first place in Open A with a 192. I’m not sure how many dogs actually showed up today – I think it was something around 14-16.

Overall a pretty good week! Now we have to really focus on our Utility stuff!!

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