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Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes

… Thats what I told Rugby when we worked scent articles tonight. Thats right. He brought me back the right one out of three articles FIVE times in a row. I didn’t have to re-direct him or verbally stop him from picking up the wrong one at all! He did it all by himself! After he did the first two right, I was pleased. On try number three he picked up the wrong one, went around to the other ones and then traded the wrong one for the correct one and brought it back. I wasn’t sure if I should keep going but we did and he kept getting them right! *insert big grin*

It is rainy today and I haven’t really worked anything else with him

The run-through class was much better yesterday than last week. I decided I didn’t handle him too differently last week and the actual difference was in how much he had worked in the days before. Last week we didn’t really work Saturday, Sunday or Monday except for articles and it showed when we went to class on Tuesday. This week while we still didn’t do much Saturday or Sunday, we had our “field trip” Monday and we spent a little more time warming up on Tuesday = MUCH better = normal Rugby.

Only thing we really really need to work on is our fast transition because he keeps forging during it. Fronts and finishes will never be something we can stop working on obviously. I also noticed that he is much better coming in straight when he has his dumbbell in his mouth than when he doesn’t.

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