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When it rains… Day 1

It is pouring down rain outside at the moment so Rugby and I went on a search for a dry place to train this morning. I thought the strip mall down the street would be a good place since the sidewalks are all covered. We went and started looking for a place to do signals. While we weren’t getting rained on under the cover of the shopping center, the ground was still wet. I thought it would be unreasonable of me to ask him to work when it was that cold AND wet, so we kept walking.
We didn’t find a dry place to train before Rugby started to shiver, so we gave up and wondered around the pet store that was in the mall instead.
It wasn’t a completely useless trip though because we did manage to the the first of our red and green photos for our countdown. I took his jacket off and laid it in the cart so he had something dry to sit on for the photo.
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