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So remember earlier this month, Rugby had his battle with fleas? We found them one more time after we posted and we made TWO more changes that I thought you should all know about.

The first change we made was to our potty spot. Instead of letting Rugby out back to potty in the woods, now we go out the front door and around to the side of the building. I think the couple of persistent fleas were not coming from the house, but were hitching a ride back in when he went to potty during the day. Every once in a while he tries to sneak back towards the woods to re-fresh the Rugby-scent that by now is wearing off. He isn’t allowed. 🙁

The second was using Sentry Natural Defense, Natural Flea & Tick Carpet Powder. This stuff smells strong. Very strong. If it wasn’t so overpowering, it might actually be a pleasant smell. It is also a very fine orange powder that settles in the bottom of the container so it appears that 2/3 of it is missing. It isn’t missing though. The can lasted for exactly as many rooms as it said it would. We sprinkled it through the whole house and brushed it deep into the carpet.

I suggest making other arrangements for you and your dog for the rest of the afternoon if you use it. Rugby and I were soon surrounded in a smelly cloud of flea powder. I kept putting Rugby next to the open window in whatever room had the least powder floating in the air to save him from the cloud. We left the powder down for a full 24 hours before vacuuming.

It has been another two weeks since we have done the carpet treatment. If my memory serves me right, that is how long it can take for eggs to become adult fleas. We haven’t seen a single flea since the morning we used the flea powder. I am happy. So is Rugby, I’m sure.

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