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Training List [9]


Rugby and Diesel went to an Obedience match today. While it is Rugby’s last time in the ring until the National Obedience Invitations, I was more excited to see how Diesel is progressing now that he is back to work.

Diesel had two Open runs. He was less stressed in the first run, and closer to qualifying. He held his stays too, but instead of going out of sight, I sat in a chair outside of the adjacent ring. He started stressing more during the second run, and even though the heeling was better, everything else deteriorated. I have a video of this run, and it is very useful in showing me his weakest points and the things he needs more work on.

It is good to review videos, and make lists to keep yourself moving in the right direction, headed towards your goals. So… here is Diesel’s updated Open training list!

1) Heeling. This will always be on the list. Biggest problem is the about turn. I had to pause briefly during today’s about turn to keep him from going wide.

2) Figure 8. We haven’t been working on this. If he can’t heel in a straight line well, it makes no sense to attempt the figure 8. After a horrendous figure 8 in the first run, I switched it up and went to the right during the second. Vastly improved!

3) Drop on Recall. I am happy with his drop on recall! Going to drop his name from the command though so instead of “Diesel, Come” I will just say “Come” both times.

4)Fronts and Finishes. Another thing that will always be on the list.

5) High jump. He still isn’t jumping full height yet, for obvious reasons. More repetitions will get him on track.

6) Broad Jump. The increased stress of the second run was enough for him to forget how to do this jump all together. Infinitely more repetitions are needed. 

7) Stays. Looking good, but now to make them fully out of sight.

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