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Toys… Day 14

Rugby is trained to potty outside, as opposed to inside in a pan or on potty pads, etc. Even so, he has a doggy litter box, but not for doing his business.

Day 14
It is for his toys.
Not to long ago, the litter box started over flowing.
 So I went through and saved only the ones I can remember him picking out to play with. The rest went in a box by the door to give away to some other lucky dogs.
It was my mistake to not tape the box up. Soon enough Rugby was rumaging through the box taking out all the toys he never plays with and evenly distributing them all throughout the house and playing with every single one of them first. They are not any more accessibly sitting by the front door than they were in his litter box. So why does he decided NOW that he does indeed loves these toys just as much as the others?
I think it is his desperate plea to save them all. I guess he doesn’t like sharing much.
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