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Only with a fresh hair cut does Rugby’s fluff reveal our training equipment of choice. The two-ring training collar that is usually concealed beneath his hair draws a lot of attention and questions from people not used to seeing these tiny guys in training equipment. I have listed my top three reasons for choosing this collar here.

Cherry Blossom

1) Transfer of responsibility to the dog.
The goal of our training is not only to get Rugby to follow commands promptly and completely, but also to think for himself. My number one reason for choosing the chain training collar is that when the job is done, the collar comes off and Rugby is just as reliable naked as he was with the collar on.

2) Safety
No dog will be able to back out of or chew through a chain training collar. Being able to maintain control through stressful situations is essential. If the dog can not be trusted off lead, I will not use equipment they can escape from.¬†Especially if the dog doesn’t belong to me.

3) Immediate Response
Clear communication with the training collar includes quick, short corrections AND immediate release of pressure when the correction is over. When Rugby does not need the extra guidance of the collar, it is loose and light weight around his neck. This also makes the transition to off lead much easier.

I also have to mention that Rugby earned 11 more OTCH points, UDX legs #5 and #6 and another High Combined last weekend at the Potomac Valley Shetland Sheepdog Club’s Obedience trial. Good boy!

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