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The Leash Free Living Dogs

HarrisburgDiesel and Rugby represented Leash Free Living well in Harrisburg this weekend.

Diesel finished up his Companion Dog Excellent Title with scores of 193.5 (second place) and 192.5 in Open B. While he was a bit more sloppy here than on his first try, this show site was also more distracting. I am so glad he held it together and gave qualifying performances both days!

This weekend was Rugby’s first time in the ring since our not-so-hot performance in December. He seemed to be coming back together in training and this show was a perfect time to see if we had successfully fixed some of his issues. Rugby had a small brain fart during the Moving Stand that caused us to fail an otherwise beautiful Utility run on Friday. We counted it as a warm up.┬áSaturday, he stayed focused (even for the Moving Stand) and won Utility B with a 199 for High in Trial!

Rugby won a pewter pitcher and $250 worth of vendor bucks, so we had to make time to go shopping before we left. Couldn’t let our vendor bucks go to waste!

After the show Saturday, we made a stop to pick up the newest addition.

Bourbon teases her brothers through the ex-pen

Meet Bourbon (at least that is what we are calling her for now, although I think it is going to stick). Named after bourbon roses since she is a Valentines Day puppy. Her full name is Stedfast Cupid’s Red Rose v Kelview. Is she cute or what?!

Rugby is trying to figure out ways to get rid of her. Sorry, Rugs. She is here to stay!

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