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The Great Outdoors

It is important for even the tiniest of breeds to embrace their inner dog. While their size allows them to go anywhere and everywhere, it does not give them a free pass on behavior. They need to be quiet, polite and under control at all times. Even when Especially when they are concealed in purses and bags for travel (or shopping…).

The best way to prepare your tiny dog for life as your sidekick is to start training young, in the form of socialization. Let them go all sorts of places, see all sorts of things, and hear all sorts of sounds. The more experiences they have, the more confident and composed they will be when faced with new situations.

Jett, the Italian Greyhound puppy, is doing just that. Rugby was a good role model and gave him the confidence boost he needed to realize that it is fun to sniff, run and explore. It wasn’t long before Jett began to truly appreciate the great outdoors. Another well balanced toy dog in the making. Nice to meet you, Jett!

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