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The Festival

The American Legion had a Celebration for Armed Forces Day this past weekend. Since the Legion is right down the street from Applewoods, we found some time in between lessons and classes to sneak down and join the festivities with them.

Rugby was accompanied by Caruso and Sandy.

They saw the car show…
Armed Forces Day

They saw the bikes…
Armed Forces Day

They enjoyed the shade of the vendors’ tents…
Armed Forces Day

They drank out of a WWII helmet…
Armed Forces Day

They resisted the temptation of all the stuffed animals…
Armed Forces Day

They also did a good job of showing off Applewoods…
Armed Forces Day

On the way back, I took Caruso and Rugby up the overpass. All the dogs get a kick out of it, and these two were no exception.
Armed Forces Day  Armed Forces Day

It was a good day, and another great way to celebrate Rugby’s birthday!

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