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The End [1-25]

A very merry Christmas with Rugby…

Day 1 Advent CalendarBest Beloved BooksPizza Puppyday4The Crab DepotFramed177 LiquorsEdgerock Cafeday8aBattle of the Bags

Our 2012 Christmas Advent Calendar has finally come to an end. Rugby and I had a great time finding a little bit of Christmas on all of the 25 days leading up to the big day! We will be taking notes on all the red and green things around town for next year’s photos.

Christmas Advent CalendarChristmas Tree ShoppingDay 13Day 14Borzoi Meet the BreedsMeet the BreedsFinally HomeChristmas TreeThe WrapFlower Shop

We were lucky to have company this year too. Thank you Tales and Tails, Loy Turns 60, Bark’n About, and Life with Joey for posting fabulous photos all month! I loved following along, and I hope you enjoyed the challenge as much as we did!

Christmas PartyRibbon FlowersRibbon TreeChristmas EveMerry Christmas


Now that all the pictures have been taken, do you have a favorite?

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