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The Details

Rugby got his third and final Utility leg today. He was a little bit better than yesterday. Part of our warm-up routine involves doodling with some fronts. Today, half way through the warm up, he said he couldn’t remember what front was! :-O There were a couple fronts in the ring that were further away than usual which is a brand new problem for us to work on. I wonder if that is a reflection of his warm-up routine.

Even though he still went really fast on the fast, I was expecting it and I think it looked a little more fluid than yesterday when I had to catch up to him. He didn’t blink on the directed jumping and did the scent articles with ease.

We still really need to clean up the heeling, and the gloves and the fronts and finishes. I am contemplating finding BIG DOG gloves for Rugby to use, maybe they will be easier for him to get a hold of? We have lots to think about before we go into the Utility B ring in a couple weeks.


Today’s Score: 195 (1st place)
Signals – 1.5
Scent – 1/2
Directed Retrieve – 1.5
Directed Jumping – 1.5

Open Score – 196.5 (2nd place)
First place was 196.5+ (we lost the run-off to a very nice, deserving dog)

Rugby was also High Combined with a combined score of 391.5!!

Good boy, Rugby! 

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