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Team Building

Applewoods is unique in that most all of the dogs, whether they are day care dogs, boarding dog, dogs in for training or any combination of the above all run in one large and fluid pack. Because it is a requirement that all the dogs have finished or are in the process of finishing a training program (for safety) the situation becomes more unique. Now we have the large group of dogs that have a shared vocabulary. This makes it possible for us to communicate with all of them individually, or as a collective easily and without confusion. It is also what make it so easy for us to do lots of fun things with the dogs like our tunnel of legs, retrieve day, trip to Main St, dog house shots, or our New Years shoot to name a few.This is the team that I am referring to today. Team Applewoods!

Sometimes the dogs have to have their own team building exercises! Since we don’t want to deny them this bonding opportunity…. here are photos of our most recent “team building activity.”

We started out practicing with Pete and Sugar since they are older and have more training and experience.

Once Rugby got the hang of it, Holly (the 5 month old lab), was added too.
She didn’t mind at all! (might even say she thought it was boring. :-p)
Also, Jake did wonderfully with his surgery yesterday!
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