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Samantha Miyamoto

Samantha has been training dogs in a professional setting since 2008. In 2011, she graduated from UMBC with a Bachelor’s in Biology and from a local Dog Trainer University program. She became an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator shortly thereafter.

Over the last 11 years, Sam has worked with a variety of different breeds. Her main focus has been on making each dog a safe, enjoyable and trustworthy companion.  Since AKC Obedience is a venue that reinforces these goals, we use its titles as a standard for training.

Sam has trained and shown the following dogs to these AKC Obedience (and Rally) titles.

  • Maltese – CD, CDX, UD, UDX, OTCH (8 High in Trials, and 12 High Combined Scores)
    • #1 Toy Dog and High Scoring Maltese at AKC’s 2011 National Obedience Invitational
    • #2 Toy Dog at AKC’s 2014 National Obedience Championship
  • Labrador Retriever – CD, CDX (video)
  • Golden Retriever – CD
  • Labrador Retriever – CD (video)
  • German Shepherd Dog – CD, CDX (video)
  • Golden Retriever – CD, CDX, RN, RA, RE, RM, RACH (video)
  • Doberman Pinscher – RN, RA, RE, CD, CDX, UD (video)
  • Golden Retriever – CD, CDX, RN, RA, RE, RM, RACH
  • All American – RN

Sam has also dabbled in other venues including AKC Agility.

You can listen to the origin story of Leash Free Living here.

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