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So that’s it. 2012.

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Mister Rugby Sevens UD RN

That was Rugby’s name at the end of 2011, twelve months ago. A year full of training, traveling, and trialing has given him a much longer name. It is amazing what a little Maltese can accomplish in such a short time when he puts his mind to it.

OTCH Mister Rugby Sevens UDX OM2 VER RN NA NAJ

At four years of age, Rugby is far from ready to retire and we are preparing for another year of trials and competitions in both of our current venues.


Rugby’s Obedience goals for 2013 don’t revolve as much around titles as they do improving our performance. I would like to get him to be more consistently in the 198-199 range. He has to up his game for this to happen so we will be practicing and proofing his skills in the new year. Getting the Obedience Master 3 & 4, and UDX2 would be nice too.


He is still at the beginning of his Agility career, and I hope he will earn his Open Agility (OA), Open Agility Jumper (OAJ), Agility Excellent (AX) and Excellent Agility Jumper (AXJ) titles. We are going to sign up for a class or two to get some extra handling help for the advanced classes. We already checked with the vet, and we are good to go as long as we have regular chiropractic appointments to keep him in line.


Diesel has also been added to the list of goals for 2013. He earned his CD in the spring, then had a long hiatus from training. He is back in work now to complete the one goal we didn’t finish this year… his Companion Dog Excellent title. This time we are aiming for March. We have also started working on Utility exercises. It might be pushing it, but… I also hope to finish his UD by next December. If he can get through out of sight stays in Open, then Utility should be a breeze. Not to mention he LOVES directed jumping. He lives for it!

So that’s it. Rugby needs his OM3, OM4, UDX2, OA, OAJ, AX, AXJ, and high scores in 2013. Diesel needs a CDX and UD. That should keep us busy. We will see you at the trials!

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