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So Much For Not Being Friends

I just wrote about Rugby and Diesel’s working relationship on Saturday. How they aren’t friends and they don’t play together. Someone must have shown Diesel that post. Yesterday we took a few laps around a local football field and the strangest thing happened. He tried to play with Rugby! I managed to get a couple photos too, even though they were far away and Rugby was camouflaged in the snow.

Diesel and Rugby

He exhibited a level of self control he hasn’t shown before. Being able to play without getting so excited that I had to worry about him considering Rugby as prey. He stayed safe, and polite and gave clear play signals that enticed the little white dog into a few moments of interaction. Diesel is learning to be a real dog! What a good boy!

Diesel and Rugby Diesel and Rugby Diesel and RugbyDiesel and Rugby Diesel and Rugby
Diesel and Rugby

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