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Snow day?

Saturday was supposed to be a busy day. Cabot was looking forward to visiting with Rugby at Applewoods, and helping with lessons and such. Unfortunately, the best laid plans don’t always seem to come to fruition, especially in January!

While Sam is enjoying the sun and the surf in Mexico, Rugby and Cabot are stuck here in Maryland, in the cold. And, to add insult to injury, the snow day we thought we were going to have turned into an ice day, instead. All of our plans for Saturday were cancelled. No classes at Applewoods. No staff meeting for Cabot to sleep thru. Nothing. Not even any fun white stuff to play in.

Yes, Cabot looks like he’s standing amongst snowflakes. But, they didn’t last long, and now the world has a fine coat of ice on it.

Looks like Sam picked the right week to get outta town!

Cabot and Pam
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