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Snow Day with Rugby

Classes are cancelled today because of the ice, and since we are stuck inside I decided to play some games with Rugby and Bourbon. I started our session by teaching Bourbon to go around a post. That only took a few seconds since she is a genius so I asked Rugby to try too. He learned it a couple of years ago when he was working on his agility training, but we haven’t used it since then.

He picked it up quickly so I decided to make it a little harder for him, and lay the post on its side. That wasn’t much of a challenge either so I added jumping into our game. It took him a couple of seconds (and a few commands) to realize that jumping was an acceptable thing to do with the post. I left that part in the video since it is adorable to watch him think so hard. Then I asked him to alternate between going around the post and jumping the post. I thought he might get tricked during this game into just jumping the post from the side I was sending him, but he is too smart for that and did exactly as he was asked. Rugby was quite pleased with himself for winning this game.

Bourbon had another turn after Rugby and I started teaching her to put her front feet on the post while it was laying on the ground. I sat next to it and held it still while she tried for this session and even without it moving it was difficult for her. I’m hoping with some practice she can balance her front feet on the post without any help from me.

Both dogs are ready for a nap now, although I’m sure Bourbon will be begging for more in a few minutes. She is insatiable.

Tired Dogs

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