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The alarm went off at 6am this morning to allow time for a bath before the Obedience Match today. I got up first, went to the restroom, and came back to see where Rugby had decided to sleep last night. I found him in one of his beds and bent down to ask if he was ready to get up. Instead of getting up, he rolled over onto his back. I was not able to resist itching Rugby’s belly for him as his eyes slowly closed and he went back to sleep.

I wasn’t about to object to his proposition so I agreed to set the alarm clock for 7am at get some extra sleep.

An hour later, when the alarm went off Rugby was quick to climb back into the bed and wake me up by staring intently at me, 4 inches away from my face. I guess he needs to push the snooze button some days too!!

Rugby was great at the Match again today. I forgot to get someone to video me this week. :-/ I was a little worried since we had to re-negotiate the go-outs this week, but he remembered exactly what he was supposed to do when we got there. Way to go, Rugby! 
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