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Smells Funny

When you smell like soap, it makes doing scent articles much harder for your dog. That is why I was thrown into a small fit of panic when I had brain laps and took a bathroom break just a little bit before our turn at the obedience match yesterday. Who knew Utility training could be so personal that you have to schedule bathroom breaks?! :-p

While I would like to blame my soapy smelling hands for Rugby missing the leather article, I don’t think that is the case. It is just a small hump we have to go through before he actually becomes the super, amazing, fantastic scent article dog that he is. Hump will likely become much smaller if I start working him before I wash my hands, though.

At least he got the leather one right on the second try. Metal was good the first time.

That was the only NQ yesterday.

The other thing he did that is hard to see in the video is on the go-outs. For the first one, he went out straight until he was 10 feet in front of the baby gate and started veering left. I tried to sit him before he got off track too much. I am about 75% sure that he did this because we had the number one glove and he couldn’t remember when we got out there if he was doing go-outs or directed retrieve again. The second go-out was perfect except for the sit (crooked). We have to work on doing gloves THEN go-outs on the same side of the ring.

I am happy. We are on the right track. 🙂

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