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Sleepy? I don’t think so.

I will always remember the day that I sat down to do homework and Rugby (at 1 year of age) voluntarily joined me on the couch for a nap. Ahh. One giant leap away puppy-hood. We worked hard to get to that point, spending endless hours doing the Long Down exercise. I cherish the fact that if I have work to do, or a movie to watch Rugby will remain quietly at my side waiting for our next activity instead of running circles around the room. It is just plain annoying to have a dog that won’t sit still. 
That is why it has been frustrating this week to hear from my own family, “awww, look how tired he is!” This isn’t the first time that Rugby’s good behavior has been mistaken for a drained physical state, but this is the first time it has bothered  me. 
What is it about a well mannered dog that makes people think that if they are relatively still for any amount of time, that they are drugged or exhausted? 
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