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Ski Trip


Rugby came with us on our mini vacation this year to Wisp. This is not the first time Rugby has stayed with me in a hotel, but I think it is the first time he has stayed with me in such a busy hotel. The whole first day I argued with Rugby over the appropriate use of his voice.

 He was certain that he should use it to silence our noisy neighbors. I was certain that he should not be using it at all. He compromised with me by saving his voice for only the really offensive behaviors of our neighbors instead.

Most of the time, really offensive behaviors are preceded by slightly-offensive behaviors, or not-really-offensive behaviors. For these noises, Rugby would growl as opposed to bark as part of the compromise. Being the opinionated little dog that he is, he did this guilt free and looked in the direction of the noise.

When the behavior became more offensive that this, but less offensive that “really” offensive, Rugby would then look at ME and growl. He did this as if to say, “I know you don’t like when I yell at people but if you don’t make them stop I will have no other choice. You do hear it don’t you?”

At this point I had to remind him there were indeed other choices to be made, like ignoring the noise all together. This reminder was followed every single time by a deep sigh, laying down and letting slip one more grumble about the entire situation by Rugby. He has to make sure he gets the last word in!

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