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Serious Work

Our dumbbells came in the mail on Tuesday, as expected. Sanity graciously volunteered to hold them both for a photo.

Thats them – the wood and the plastic one. We have put both of them to good use already.

We go early to class with Caruso, Ellie, Sanity, Jasmine and Brandy to do run-throughs before everyone else shows up. I decided to bring my camera along today for some reason and Elice offered to take pictures of Rugby for me.

He is SUCH a ham, on the retrieve on the flat he heard the camera ‘focus’ and looked over just as she snapped a picture of him. It was like a drive-by photo – proof that he is subject to too many photos!!

Rugby got some extra stay practice being the figure-8 post for Jasmine and Caruso.
Rugby has started scent articles. We spent a good bit of time in the fall getting him to use his nose and retrieve on the ‘find’ command by hiding one dumbbell outside. This week we started with a second dumbbell. This is where we are so far – we are only allowed to put it in positions ‘6-9’ on the clock, with the other article being the center of the clock. We are also only allowed to do a max of 5 repetitions at a time…this is our last set of the day.

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