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Rugby The Place

Rugby the PlaceThis road is only three miles away from our house! Can you believe it?

We were out running errands when we saw the sign and had to stop and take a picture. I pulled over on the side of the little road so my car was right beneath the sign. To get Rugby closer to the Rugby Rd sign, I put him on the roof. You can imagine the strange looks we were getting.

One guy pulled around the corner, parked his car and watched disapprovingly at what we were doing. I came up with several scenarios to explain his reaction.

1) He thought my car broke down. That is possible. I am guaranteed to drive over any and every nail my car encounters.

2) He thought I was photographing the house we were parked by so I could plan a robbery for late tonight. Rugby has friends in low places.

3) He was upset that Diesel didn’t get a chance to see the neighborhood from on top of a car.

4) Wild, rabid Maltese dogs are running rampant through the streets of Pasadena, and he wanted to make sure I could handle the one that had climbed onto the roof of my car.

I guess I will never know what his deal was. I do think it is time to move, at least three miles down the road. Wouldn’t it be nice to live on Rugby Rd?

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