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Rugby Sized River

We ignored one of those pesky E-town signs and found a creek that we probably weren’t allowed to go in. Rugby didn’t even wait for us to walk down there and as soon as he spotted the creek left us to wade in the water.

Rugby at the Creek

My brother kept finding Rugby-sized sticks and twigs to throw in the water for him. He always ran after them, but rarely found them. He didn’t catch on to the fact that they would go down-stream with the water. He kept looking for them where he thought they fell.

Rugby at the Creek

I guess he got fed up with the twigs because, the next thing I know, Rugby is pulling this out of the water.

Only big sticks are worth retrieving

THIS one he could find when we threw it for him, and he brought it back again and again. I think he liked the challenge of picking it up.

Only big sticks are worth retrieving

When he was done retrieving, he dragged the stick back to the beach, but didn’t give it to us to throw again.

Only big sticks are worth retrieving

Then he did some more wading and running to cool down from all that hard work.

Rugby at the Creek

The creek definitely made all those ‘No Pets’ signs a little less depressing.

Rock Hopper

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