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Rugby, my Sidekick.

Rugby has been spending too much time with Sanity, I am certain.

Today I was sitting on the couch with Rugby curled up beside me – nothing special. I was doing a little bit of studying and decided I was done with the pen I had in my hand. I tossed it onto the table infront of the couch but…I missed. I didn’t think anything about it just figured I would get it when I got up. I didn’t say one word to Rugby and he got up, picked the pen up and hopped back onto the couch to hand it to me…wagging his tail.

How could I do anything but smile, say “thank you” and give him a few itches.

Once I had the pen in hand again, I tried to toss it once more and actually made it this time. Once he saw that I had made it he curled right back up beside me.

We got 4-5 inches of snow yesterday…a little more manageable for Rugby to play in. I am sick of pictures of Rugby in the snow so there probably won’t be any. :p

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