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Rugby Makes a statement….

Rugby reallly wants me to know that he needs a doberman of his very own.

The other day at Margot’s he was was locked up in a kennel run with a Ellie the yorkie while the grass was being mowed. In the kennel run directly beside him were Duke and Lillith, both dobermans. Rugby was clearly proclaiming his distaste for being locked up by his bursts of incesent barking and standing at the fence. Rugby figured out in the time he was locked up that he could fit between the posts of the gate that connects the two runs together (this is the only gate his can fit through, and I was aware of this…so he is saftely locked up in a run no matter which side he is on).

I was in the middle of working another dog when I became aware of the silence. Had Rugby given up his yelling at me to let him out? When I looked over Rugby was happily laying beside one of the dobermans…no longer angry at being confined. Does this mean he thinks he is a doberman, or he wants one…I still haven’t figured out. What I dooo know is that I can’t make him into a doerman, but I can get him one. Just a couple more years to go. đŸ˜‰

Silly Dog!

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