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Ready, Set…

Rugby and I are getting ready for our looong trip to Atlanta tonight for the Maltese Specialty. I am so nervous, and excited and anxious! I have all the clothes packed up, now just need to get Rugby’s food together and get everything into the car. We are leaving right after class tonight and driving the full 10-12 hours to Georgia. My GPS says it will only take us 10 hours, but google says it will take us 11.5, either way hopefully we can get there early enough to sleep for a little bit before the seminar we want to attend starts.

Obedience isn’t untill Saturday, so we have all Friday to relax and maybe shop a little.

Deep breaths.

Haven’t given him the pep talk yet, gonna do that when we get there! Rugby’s theme songs/playlist has grown quite a bit though since his debut in Open and he must be thoroughly convinced that he is amazing by now!

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