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Rain and Mud

It is supposed to rain all week. There was about three hours today that it didn’t rain and since it wasn’t too terribly cold Rugby waited outside with me while I worked dogs. Since it was wet outside from having been raining all day this ment that by the time I was finished working dogs Rugby was no longer white. He was brown up to his knees, and had a nice big brown spot that went from his right ear, down his neck to his right shoulder from rolling in who-knows-what. The hairs all along his back were also ‘frosted’ in brown mud I guess also from rolling. It didn’t matter how intense my look of disgust was – he seemed quite pleased with himself and he couldn’t understand why no one would let him on the couch!

Once it started raining again we were forced to move inside. We met some of our classmates at Fidos to do some run throughs. Since the pieces are slowly coming together, Rugby and I did a UTILITY run through!!!

Utility doesn’t seem quite so distant now! We still have lots of work to do, but I am pleased with him!! He is off to a good start!


HOW Could I possible forget?? Rugby turns TWO today!!!
We will be celebrating later this week once he get a bath! :p

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