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Preparations [11]

Christmas Advent CalendarThere is one day left before we leave for the National Obedience Invitational in Orlando, FL.  One day to pack, one day to do some last minute training, one day to get Rugby professionally groomed and only one day to give Rugby his pep talk.

Before the American Maltese Association’s National Specialty, I wrote about packing for Rugby on dog show trips. This is going to be my guide tomorrow as we get ready to go, with a few changes (like not having a Flip Camera since it is officially dead).

I am still undecided on which bag to use. I sent Rugby into each bag, put them side by side, left the room, then sent him around the corner to ‘kennel up.’ The idea was that without me there to influence his decision, he could choose the bag he prefers. ‘Kennel up’ is not bag specific.

It didn’t work out like I had hoped. No matter how I arranged the bags, he always went into the bag that was on the left. Always. There was no clear winner with this test.

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