Power Training Session

Power Training Session

Power Training Sessions consist of 30-45 minutes of group work to practice our basic obedience skills using each other as distractions, group stay exercises and a mini photo session at the end.

Training for ALL levels!

Graduates – Power training sessions are best suited for graduates of any of our Basic Programs (Beginner Group Class, Basic Obedience Lessons or our In Kennel Training program). The dog should be proficient with heel, sit, stand, down, come and stay to take full advantage of the session.

Dogs in Training – While dogs that haven’t yet completed the basic programs won’t be able to participate fully in the power training session, they will be able to do some of the exercises (or a variation of the exercises) and are more than welcome to join in or to work on the sidelines on their homework.

Puppies – There will be training savy dogs and their owners at the park for the training session, so take advantage of the socialization opportunity! Come with treats and toys and practice your recalls, push ups and puppy tricks then stick around for a meet and greet with the other puppies & dogs.

The Details

Where? Power Training Sessions are held someplace different each time. Join our e-mail list, or follow us on Twitter to get the details of our upcoming Power Training Sessions.

Weather? Power Training Sessions are held rain or shine. In the case of extreme weather, we will follow our inclement weather policy.

RSVP No need to sign up or enroll anywhere. The training session is offered at no cost to get your dogs (and mine) out of the house!

Manners! Not all dogs attending the Power Training Session will be friendly. Please be courteous and keep your dogs on task and under control unless you have received permission from the dog’s owners for you to approach with or without your dog.


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