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Parker’s New Titles

I am happy to report that Leash Free Living has yet ANOTHER new Companion Dog Title to brag about. This time the brag belongs to Parker the Maltese and Rubina, his owner.

Parker CD Title

Parker’s story is so great because obedience training has done more than help him earn his CD title. Parker started as an agility dog, that didn’t have the stress management skills necessary to perform at trials (which makes being an agility dog kind of hard).

Determined not to let Parker’s agility skills go to waste, Rubina started in Obedience at Leash Free Living with the goal of helping Parker find a coping mechanism that worked for him, and to give her the tools to speak with and settle him even in his anxious state.

Just about the time that Parker was ready to make his debut in the Obedience ring, they also tried their hand at agility trials again. It was a success! With the help of their newly established obedience skills, Parker also earned three agility titles last month.

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I am so proud of this team! Big congrats, Team Parker!! Rubina and Parker keep a blog of their own too, and have described how Obedience training has helped Parker at agility trials there. Check it out – Team Parker Goes to Boot Camp.

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