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Our First Try

The end of the year is steadily approaching and time is running out for our goal to complete Rugby’s novice agility titles before 2013. It is time to take the next step if this will become a reality. With that in mind, we have been reading the agility rule book, watched our first agility trial and went to our first agility run through in the past few weeks. He has been introduced at least once to all of the agility equipment. I am hoping that it will be enough to get us three qualifying scores.

Here is a video from Rugby’s first agility run through. He wasn’t as confident with the teeter, or the weaves at this new location. I know those skills need to be generalized more, but we just have to find places to do that.

I was really happy with his performance. I liked that he was running (even if it wasn’t that fast) for the whole course. I liked that he was able to work off of my right side, and was comfortable with me switching sides. I also liked that he is starting to pay attention to my body language and not wait for a command for each obstacle. It gives me hope that we are on the right track. There is still room for improvement though, so we will keep working until he makes his real debut in the agility ring next month.

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