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Only One More

Rugby earned his second Utility leg today at the Shenandoah Valley Kennel Club’s Trial. He was SO excited to be there and all that energy = sloppy work in the ring. These were our major faults –

  1. FAST transition – He did that without me. I had to sprint to catch up to him! 
  2. Leather Article – I’m not sure why this was so hard. Maybe because it was in the same place as the metal article? He thought it was a trick? He indicated he had the right one, then proceeded to check the pile 3-4 times before bringing it back. He even picked the right on up, then put it down again to re-check the pile. 
  3. Directed Jumping – I held the high jump signal for a little longer. Rugby contemplated taking the bar jump instead. He took a second after standing up to weigh his options and luckily, he took the correct jump! His love for the bar jump is what NQ’ed us at the first trial and he made the same mistake at Thursday night class. Guess we still need to practice this more! 
Score – 192 (2nd place) 
Signals – 5 (OUCH!)
Scent – 1/2 
Directed Retrieve – 1
Directed Jumping – 1.5

I am hoping that since he was able to burn off that energy today, he will turn into that nice working dog (that he is every once in a while) by tomorrow. 

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