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One ANGRY little dog

Rugby and Sugar went to Riverfront Park before class yesterday too cool off from the humidity.

He was pissed off at first because I made him look like an idiot in his boating gear (we had to try it out before we used it on the boat though, didn’t we?).

Despite wearing his life jacket he still didn’t want to go in the deep parts of the river. THEN he got pissed off that Sugar was playing without him, so he did his best to curse him all the way up and down the river.

I decided I humiliated him enough so I took his life vest off and tried to entertain him with his own stick in the shallow end of the river.

He was happy with this until Sugar came over, LAUGHED in Rugby’s face and teased him because his stick was so small.
So he got even more pissed off and… destroyed the stick.
So now Rugby has no life vest, no stick and no one to play in the shallow water with him and he is really PISSED. He resumed his position on the side of the deep end and began yelling at Sugar once more.
But sugar didn’t seem to notice, or care.
He wasn’t even looking when Rugby single-handily up-rooted this gigantic weed.
Then he figured out how to make him notice. The next time that Sugar came back with his stick…
Well, he stole it!
Sugar got it back pretty quickly though and ran up and down the river teasing Rugby.
All Sugar’s uncontrollable laughter had us feeling pretty sorry for Rugby who now has smoke coming from both of his ears.
We stepped in to calm this crazy little dog down and next time the stick got thrown, Sugar was held back so Rugby could have a head start. And guess what?! He brought it back!!
NOW he was feeling pretty good about himself and all that anger was slowly released on his way back. He showed Sugar, for SURE! Then he was free to enjoy the water on his own terms and he stopped worrying about what Sugar though of him.  :-p He told me he wants to go back.
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