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Obedience Match

Here is what didn’t completely suck of our Utility run-through at the GSD obedience match this weekend. I suppose he did pretty well for it being something like 99* outside and only just seriously starting Utility work at the end of March.

I broke Rugby’s heeling the other day. I was hoping it wasn’t so, but he let me know Sunday that is indeed broken. I did this simply by drilling the figure 8 with him. I have never drilled any heeling exercises (at least since before novice) with him before simply because “if it aint broke…. don’t fix it.” However I was doing the exercise with a couple other dogs and figured it wouldn’t hurt if Rugby joined it to. We worked the drill for only 4 minutes, and he did it perfectly. Since then however…. our heeling is slipping away from us. Maybe he has an attitude about being drilled? Maybe 4 minutes was too long for him to work one exercise? Maybe the exericise is irrelevant to the broken heeling? Maybe they aren’t entirely broken and it was just too hot outside? Who knows. Doesn’t matter since we still had to do our signals on lead.

Articles – We actually added two more to his pile but didn’t work that many for the match since he was A) some place new and B) in a ring setting. He worked the 5 beautifully though, so he will start back up with the 7 again tomorrow. I can’t tell you why he was doing that silly stuff on his fronts, my best guess is because we were in the sun since as soon as I released him he went into the shade.

Directed Retrieve – great! His actual directed retrieve isn’t that great, but as far as AKC Utility directed retrieving is concerned I think he is ok. Of course we won’t set our standards that low so we will keep working untill he has a directed retrieve that I consider good. Working pivots some more probably won’t hurt us.

Moving Stand- He is standing when the judge says “stand your dog.” Why he anticipates the moving stand and not the signals I have no idea. We need to work on this. Once we get through the actual stand when **I** say so , and not the judge it is fine (but not at full distance yet).

Directed Jumping
–Go Outs- I had to send him for a target the first time, after that our only problem was that he was wanting to stop a little short of the baby gate. I let him get away with it today since that will be a very simply thing to fix. It wasn’t entirely bad.
–Directed Jumping- still lacking that practice since we haven’t been doing them at full distance. I had to tap each jump before he would go.
I left this out of the video since it was just training in the ring and it is still in lots of pieces.

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