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New Trick… Almost

In an effort to stay out of the below freezing temperatures today, I decided to stay inside for part of the day and work on a trick that I have wanted Rugby to learn for some time and never got around to teaching him. To put things in a bucket.

Learning to Recyle
Bringing Water Bottle to Bin

Teaching a trick with “things” and “buckets” is boring so I made it a little more useful and now Rugby is learning to put empty water bottles into the small trashcan that acts as our recycling bin. I am excited for him to learn this since some members of our family that try to throw their empty bottles into the bin from the couch… have really bad aim. Rugby is a good solution.

Learning to Recycle
Dropping Bottle Inside Bin

The trick will include picking up a water bottle from the ground (or holding a water bottle given to him), taking the bottle to the bin, standing up on the bin, and dropping the bottle inside. Dropping the bottle isn’t hard, but dropping it in the bucket is. He will have to stand up on the trash can without knocking the bottle out of his mouth and lean his head forward so that when he drops it, it actually makes it in.

Learning to Recylce
Practicing the Stand, without Retrieve

To make it as easy as possible at first, I am teaching the drop and the stand and drop separately. When he is good at both, we will combine them. Similar to how we practiced rolling with a sock in our ‘How to Keep a Maltese Warm’ trick, I will probably have him practice dropping a smaller, easier to handle object in the bin before we move onto the water bottles. I expect this process to take about a week. Once it is complete, we will share a video, I promise!

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