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Never Leaving

Cool Couch

We haven’t seen any yet but two different neighbors have told us about snakes they keep seeing around our building. Maybe its because I don’t know anything about snakes, but I am freaking out. Rugby goes outside at night basically by himself all the time, and potties primarily at the edge of the woods out back. We set up jumps and training equipment in the middle of a field across the street. With multiple dogs, they each get put on down stays while the other works. Sometimes we go out in the field to get some late-night zoomies out. There is no way either of us could see a snake early enough to avoid it!

Now I keep imagining a giant snake bitting Rugby every time we are outside for anything. I follow his every move when he goes out to potty (with the hopes that I can spot a snake quicker than he can). We haven’t been out in the field to train for a couple weeks and our late-night zoomies have been replaced by heeling sessions in the parking lot. Maybe Rugby should just stay on the couch forever!

Am I being irrational? Anyone have any snake tips for us?

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